FUNGO-JUG d.o.o.

We buy, process, and market cultivated and wild produce. One of our company’s successes has been the Artfood brand, which we introduced and registered in 2010. Artfood is all about being natural: no preservatives or artificial colours or aromas are added. The Artfood range comprises cold-pressed fruit juices and molasses, low-calorie fruit jams with added fructose, jams and marmalades, cold pressed vegetable juices, compotes with added fructose, products preserved in oil, packaged fruit and mushrooms, deep-frozen breaded products, fruit infusions, and dried health food products.

Učitelja Josifa 1/6, 16000 Лесковац, Србија   00 381 16 241 94000 381 62 200 226 [email protected]  


1,000 tonnes

Cold storage capacity


Annual processing capacity