DŽERVIN d.o.o.

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Džervin was founded in Novi Sad in 2013, and our production plants are located in the Eastern Serbian town of Knjaževac. We ensure quality control throughout the production process. Our core products are frozen fruit (sour cherries and plums), dried fruit (prunes), and pasteurised packaged fruit (sour cherries and plums).

Head Office: Profesora Grčića 1 V, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia; Production Plant: Proizvodnja Knjaževac, Karađorđeva 128, 19350 Knjaževac, Serbia   00 381 21 654 472000 381 19 731 120 [email protected] www.dzervin.eu  

ISO 22000_2005 Certificate Dzervin 2018, ISO 22000_2005 Sertifikat Dzervin 2018, Kosher SERTIFIKAT

6,000 tonnes

Cold storage capacity

1,600 tonnes of sour cherries; 800 tonnes of plums

Annual processing capacity

200,000 tins

Annual processing capacity