About the Association

Serbian Cold Storage Association

The Serbian Cold Storage Association brings together the country’s suppliers of deep-frozen produce to assist them in meeting their shared goals of improving fruit production, processing, and marketing; advocate their interests in contacts with the government and other partners; help enhance their presence in the national and global market; and develop a shared information system.

The Association comprises more than 30 members with a total storage capacity exceeding 60,000 tonnes and total annual production and processing far surpassing 100,000 tonnes.

Our members’ production facilities are operational year-round – always there to meet the needs of our buyers.

The Association was founded in Belgrade in 2004.

Our activities

Serbian Cold Storage Association will actively work on the consolidation of the cold storage industry in Serbia, through professional management capacity building of the Association and improving their on-line visibility, diversification of export markets, sharing knowledge among the association members on global market trends vis-à-vis high value frozen products and creating a viable solution to chronic shortage of skilled labor force.

These efforts are being supported by the USAID Competitive Economy Project.

Safety first

All Association members closely follow food safety regulations and aim to comply with stringent global private standards.
To ensure food safety throughout the supply chain (‘from field to table’), Association members consistently support their farmer suppliers through expert advice, primarily on the controlled use of plant protection products (whether for conventional, organic, or integrated production), inputs, oversight of production, control of hygiene practices, and so on.
All Association members take all the measures necessary to meet and exceed standards of production, food safety, environmental protection, and worker welfare.